Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Price Guide: Upfront, Monthly & Yearly


Yorkshire Terriers—otherwise known as Yorkies—are a popular small dog breed across much of the world. These dogs have risen to prominence and won the hearts of many thanks to their adorable, teddy bear-like appearances.

If you want to own a Yorkshire Terrier for yourself, you are certainly not alone. This dog breed is consistently ranked within the top 15 most popular dog breeds in North America by the American Kennel Club.

Before you impulsively buy one of these precious pooches, it would be a wise idea to seek answers to any questions about the breed that you have.

One of the most prominent questions that are sure to be on your mind is, “How much does a Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie cost?”.

To discover the answer to this question and so much more, keep reading!

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How Much Does A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Cost?

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Puppy Cost

When you’ve decided that you would like to purchase a Yorkshire Terrier, there are several different locations from which you can obtain your dog. Each location presents its own set of pros and cons associated with it, so read on to deduce what is best for you.

Buying A Yorkshire Terrier From A Professional Breeder

If you’re looking to purchase a Yorkshire Terrier, the most popular way to obtain one of these dogs is going through a breeder who specifically breeds these dogs.

While breeders are a convenient, reliable source of Yorkies, prospective dog owners should proceed with caution when planning to purchase any dog from a breeder.

When dealing with dog breeders, there are plenty of professional, reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeders, but there are also lots of unethical dog breeders. Before getting into how to differentiate between reputable breeders and unethical breeders, let’s establish how much it costs to obtain a Yorkshire Terrier from a reputable breeder.

If you hope to buy a Yorkie from a breeder, be prepared to pay an average of $750 to $1,500 for one of these pooches.

Those interested in buying Yorkshire Terriers from champion bloodlines will have to prepare to hand over up to $10,000. Dogs from champion bloodlines are descended from individuals who have won prominent dog competitions.

Adopting A Yorkie Puppy From An Animal Shelter

Adopting a Yorkshire Terrier from an animal shelter may seem like a wonderful idea. After all, you would be adopting a dog in need of a home and saving money in the process.

The problem that Yorkshire Terrier owners will encounter when looking to adopt a Yorkie from an animal shelter is that purebred Yorkshire Terriers are difficult to find.

The lovable nature and relatively low maintenance of these cute pooches mean that they are not given up to animal shelters as frequently as other dog breeds.

Moreover, purebred Yorkies that do end up at shelters are not there for extended periods given their popularity.

So, if you’re hoping to adopt a Yorkie puppy from your local animal shelter, consider exactly what you’re looking for in a dog.

If you’re simply looking for a tiny dog that is reminiscent of a Yorkshire Terrier, you may have better luck finding a mixed-breed Yorkie than a purebred dog.

Prospective pet owners should expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 to cover the adoption fee of a Yorkshire Terrier from their local shelter.

Adopting A Yorkshire Terrier From A Yorkie Rescue

If you’re determined to own a purebred Yorkie, then you may have to wait a while to find the dog of your dreams at an animal shelter. Additionally, buying a Yorkshire Terrier from reputable breeders can be expensive.

Luckily, there is another option for those set on owning a Yorkie dog. Yorkshire Terrier-specific breeders take in unwanted Yorkies and seek to re-home them to a loving family.

Yorkshire Terrier rescues have rescue Yorkie options for any preference. No matter whether you’re looking for female Yorkie puppies or a Teacup Yorkie, a rescue could be a terrific place to find your forever friend.

The price tag of a Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue is usually just slightly more expensive than the price tag of a Yorkshire Terrier from a shelter. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $600 for a rescue Yorkie.

What Factors Dictate The Upfront Cost Of A Yorkie?

Those looking to purchase a Yorkie will find that more than a handful of different expenses can factor into the final price of a pooch. These factors tend to dictate the cost of a Yorkshire Terrier dog:


Prospective Yorkie owners may find that there is a difference in demand when it comes to male puppies and female puppies. With some breeds, the males are more highly sought after due to their size or tendencies, but this is not the case with Yorkies.

There does not tend to be much of a difference in price between male and female Yorkshire Terriers. Some may covet the females because of their potential to be mother dogs and their tendency to have better manners than their male counterparts, however, males and females tend to be similar prices to one another when considering this breed.

If licensed breeders are selling a litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies that are largely one sex, they may charge more for the sex in the minority, but this is about the only occasion in which there could be a considerable price difference.


Unlike sex, age is certainly a factor that affects Yorkie prices. Buying a Yorkie puppy from a licensed breeder will cost more than buying an adult Yorkshire Terrier. This is a good rule of thumb that will apply to any dog breed.

While adult dogs have their perks, it is hard to compete with the cuteness and impressionable nature of Yorkie puppies. For this reason, a Yorkie puppy will be cheaper than an adult in just about any circumstance.

If you notice a situation in which Yorkie puppies seem to be advertised for a really cheap price, be wary of a potential puppy mill or backyard breeder operation.

Breeder’s Status

If you purchase a Yorkie puppy from a breeder, the prestige of the breeder itself will play a role in how much you pay for your pooch.

High-end, prestigious breeders that have developed a notable reputation can afford to charge much more than newbie breeders that have not had a chance for customers to review their dogs.

While Yorkshire Terrier price will be much more when buying from well-known dog breeders, many owners are happy to accept this expense, for they know that they are avoiding puppy mills and backyard breeders who sell puppies.

A Dog’s Lineage

A Yorkshire Terrier’s family tree will factor into how much a dog costs if you purchase it from a breeder. Of course, a Yorkie mix will cost less than a purebred Yorkie. However, there can be plenty of variation in how much Yorkshire Terriers cost based on their family history.

Dogs that have a blue and tan or black and tan coat color may be more expensive than Yorkshire Terriers that do not because these colors are part of this breed’s recognized breed registry.

Moreover, dogs from champion bloodlines can be quite expensive. Yorkshire Terriers from such bloodlines have a member of their family who won some sort of prominent competition in the past, making their offspring more adept at performing well in such competitions.

Therefore, the presence or absence of black and tan coat color and a Yorkshire Terrier’s family tree can dictate its price.

Purebred Paperwork

A Yorkie costs extra if you decide to purchase paperwork associated with its authenticity. Many people who buy purebred Yorkies will want paperwork to prove the lineage of their pup.

Most breeders will offer this paperwork for an additional fee, but unlicensed breeders and puppy mills breeding dogs will not offer such paperwork, so be wary of who you’re buying a dog from if paperwork isn’t an option.

Initial Costs Of Owning A Yorkshire Terrier

Costs Of Owning A Yorkshire Terrier

Experienced pet parents know that they need to budget for significantly more money than the initial purchase of a Yorkie pup. Buying one of these tiny dogs means that you are committed to caring for your Yorkshire Terrier for the duration of its lifetime.

There will be plenty of recurring expenses that owners will have to account for when budgeting for their dog, but there is also an assortment of one-time expenses associated with dog ownership. Let’s examine some of the one-and-done dog ownership fees.

  • Dog Accessories
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Dog Bed
  • Dog Crate
  • Professional Training
  • Spaying or Neutering

Dog Accessories

New owners of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy will want to make sure that their precious pooch has all that it needs to live a happy and healthy life.

Owners can develop a healthy puppy by giving it plenty of exercise. Going on walks with your Yorkshire Terrier pup is a great way to keep your dog in shape.

However, before you take your dog on walks, you’ll need to buy some accessories for your pooch.

Purchasing a leash and collar is essential for dog ownership. In addition to buying a normal collar, dog owners may want to consider buying a prong collar to assist them in training their dogs how to properly walk on a leash.

Purchasing dog accessories like collars and leashes will cost an average price of $25 to $125.

Food and Water Bowls

Healthy adult Yorkies are provided with plenty of food and water as they mature, but before you can give food and water to your puppy, you’ll want to make sure that you own a food and water bowl for your dog.

Keeping designated food and water bowls in a consistent location helps your dog to familiarize itself with where it can go to eat and drink in your house.

Luckily for Yorkshire Terrier owners, food and water bowls are an inexpensive purchase. An owner will only need to pay between $10 to $20 for serviceable food and water bowls.

Dog Bed

Giving your Yorkshire Terrier a bed in which they can relax and sleep will help them to be comfortable as they share space with your family.

This simple yet impactful item can really make a dog feel at home. It may be a smart idea to place a dog bed within a quiet, calm space for your dog so they can retreat to their bed when they’re overwhelmed.

Purchasing a nice dog bed for your Yorkshire Terrier will cost $25 to $100 in most cases.

Dog Crate

Getting a crate and subsequently crate training your Yorkshire Terrier is one of the best things that you can do for your dog.

We would all love to constantly spend time with our precious pooches, but any experienced dog owner knows that this is not realistic for most dog owners.

During instances in which dog owners are planning to leave their dogs at home while they’re absent, it is best to put a dog in a crate. Some may think this is cruel, but dog crates are quiet spaces that protect your dog while its owners are gone.

Purchasing a dog crate for your Yorkshire Terrier will cost anywhere from $45 to $175 from a pet shop.

Professional Training

Some Yorkshire Terrier owners may seek to have their pooches professionally trained while they’re still Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

This expense is optional, and most will prefer to train a dog themselves. However, for those who feel that they do not have the time required for proper pooch training, they may turn to professional dog training.

Enrolling your Yorkie in a dog training course that teaches them basic commands may be a worthwhile investment to some. Those interested in this possibility should expect to pay between $150 to $750 for the course.

Spaying or Neutering

If you have no intentions of breeding your Yorkshire Terrier, then spaying or neutering your dog is a wise idea.

This procedure ensures that your dog will not accidentally breed with another dog. Additionally, this process lowers aggression levels within dogs.

A veterinarian can perform a spaying or neutering procedure for $75 to $350.

Recurring Yorkshire Terrier Expenses

Recurring Yorkshire Terrier Expenses

If you are interested in assessing how much a Yorkshire Terrier may cost you throughout its lifetime, the best way to estimate such information is to examine the annual expenses related to owning this breed.

As you assess annual expenses related to Yorkshire Terrier costs, you may also be interested in understanding the monthly costs related to owning one of these dogs. Keep reading to learn more about annual Yorkshire Terrier cost.

  • Food
  • Veterinary Visits
  • Dog-walking Services
  • Doggy Daycare
  • Pet Insurance
  • Pest Prevention
  • Professional Grooming


Perhaps the most obvious recurring expense that a dog owner will need to budget for is the food that they provide to their precious pup. Pet parents will want to make sure that they keep plenty of food on hand so their dog receives all of the nourishment that it needs to grow up into a healthy, strong adult.

One of the many benefits of owning a Yorkie is that these pooches are smaller dogs than most of their counterparts. This means that the annual food bill for Yorkshire Terrier owners will be far cheaper than the bill for those who own large dog breeds.

The quality and type of food that you feed your dog will dictate the exact price of its food, but generally, many pet parents end up paying between $250 to $700 for Yorkshire Terrier dog food annually.

Veterinary Visits

While some may not consider veterinary visits to be an essential dog parent expense, we disagree with this notion. The benefits of annual veterinary visits for your Yorkshire Terrier cannot be understated, as these trips to the vet can detect potentially life-threatening health conditions.

Some pet owners may dread paying for annual vet visits, but this is really the least that an owner can do for their canine companion. Besides, it is far cheaper to pay to have your dog receive checkups from their vet rather than pay thousands for a health complication that could’ve been prevented with a simple checkup.

Expect to pay $150 to $325 for an annual checkup for your dog. While you’re at the vet, you will want to make sure that your furry friend is current with all of their vaccinations. Updating vaccinations usually costs $75 to $250.

Dog-walking Services

Hiring professional dog walkers to exercise your Yorkshire Terrier is an optional annual expense. Most pet owners will not be interested in this service, but for those who do not have the time to take their pooch on the walks that they enjoy, this is an appealing possibility.

A dog walker may be hired to take a Yorkie out in the middle of the day to give it a bathroom break and some exercise while its family is at work. Hiring a dog walker is convenient, but this service will be pricey for those who pursue it.

Dog walkers commonly charge between $25 to $50 per hour of their time, so this expense can quickly add up to well over $1,000 per year.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is another optional annual fee that some dog owners may find appealing. Those that have to be gone for more than eight hours a day may want to drop their furry friend off at doggy daycare so it doesn’t have to be couped up for extended bouts of time.

This service ensures that your dog gets adequate food, water, exercise, and bathroom breaks during the day. While the perks of doggy daycare are quite good, this is another service that can be pricey.

Owners who enroll their dogs in doggy daycare should expect to pay about $25 per day. If you pay for daycare for your furry friend every weekday, you will be paying more than $5,000 annually.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a topic of debate among many dog owners. Some individuals who own Yorkshire Terriers love pet insurance, while others do not like the idea of such coverage.

If your Yorkie seems to require frequent vet visits, it may be a wise idea to look into pet insurance for your dog. Such coverage can minimize the amount of money that a dog owner pays out-of-pocket to cover their dog’s medical expenses.

However, insurance for pets may not be worthwhile for those who do not own a dog that is prone to developing health complications, as this insurance is likely to cost upwards of $500 per year for coverage.

Pest Prevention

A Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is long and luscious, but this means that it is a magnet for a range of pests such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Even if your dog does not spend much time outdoors, it will not be impervious to resisting pests.

To maintain your puppy’s health and prevent it from contracting any detrimental diseases from pests, it is wise to administer some sort of pest prevention for your dog.

Pest prevention can take many forms, but the most effective forms of pest prevention are pills that administer a toxin that kills pests when they bite into your pet’s fur.

Yorkshire Terrier owners should expect to pay upwards of $150 for pest prevention pills annually. This may sound like a considerable amount, but owners will be paying far more money if they have to treat conditions like heartworm that are derived from pests.

Professional Grooming

Paying for your Yorkie to be professionally groomed is another optional annual expense associated with Yorkshire Terrier ownership.

Owners could choose to spend $25 to $50 annually and buy all of the supplies needed to maintain their dog’s appearance, but some owners do not have the time or interest in doing so.

Therefore paying the grooming costs of a professional groomer may be a more appealing option.

Dogs will only need to be professionally groomed a few times each year if owners decide to purchase this service. Yorkshire Terrier owners should expect to pay around $50 per grooming service.

Common Yorkie Health Conditions To Consider

If you’re just about ready to purchase a Yorkshire Terrier for yourself, you may first want to know about the most common health complications associated with this breed. Are Yorkies healthy dogs? Keep reading to learn more.

Kneecap Dislocation

Kneecap dislocation is a condition that is occasionally observed in Yorkshire Terriers. This condition is the result of minimal development of tissues and ligaments around a dog’s kneecaps.

Kneecap dislocation may make it increasingly likely that a dog’s kneecaps will pop out of place. This can be temporarily painful for your pooch, but luckily, the kneecaps typically return to their proper position naturally.

Collapsed Trachea

A collapsed trachea is a condition in which a dog’s windpipe is too small, leading to difficulty breathing. A collapsed trachea can be exacerbated by a collar around a dog’s neck. Therefore, fitting your Yorkshire Terrier with a harness may be best.


Dog cataracts result when proteins within the eye become concentrated and cause fogginess within the eyes.

This condition commonly develops slowly in older Yorkshire Terriers. Luckily, veterinarians can correct this condition if an owner catches it before it’s too advanced.

Dental Issues

Toy dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers are prone to developing dental issues as they age. It can be difficult to keep the tiny teeth of a Yorkie clean, but owners should strive to do so since Yorkies are accustomed to developing tooth problems.

Brushing your dog’s teeth, providing it with dental sticks, or getting your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned are good ways to prevent this problem.

Yorkshire Terrier History

Before diving into the price of a Yorkshire Terrier, let’s cover a brief history of this dog breed in case you aren’t familiar with these pooches.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed was developed in the mid-1800s in northern England. These pooches were not initially destined to be their own breed, as they were simply the result of different terriers being bred by working-class individuals.

Therefore, the early classification of Yorkshire Terriers was quite generalized, with any terrier sporting a long coat and certain colors being considered a Yorkshire Terrier.

In the 1870s, a Yorkie named “Huddersfield Ben” revolutionized the Yorkshire Terrier breed. This male dog was regarded as a prototypical Yorkshire Terrier, and his genes were widely distributed to refine the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

The breed soon had a standard to follow, and Yorkshire Terriers were promptly distributed to North America where they gained recognition by the American Kennel Club as an official dog breed in the 1880s.