Why Is My Dog Sleeping Under The Bed? 8 Must Know Reasons


Have you ever noticed that your pup sometimes chooses to sleep under the bed? This behavior could be due to a variety of causes – ranging from anxiety, injury, or illness, right through to simply wanting closer proximity to their beloved owner.

Or maybe they just enjoy the privacy beneath the bed and have stashed some secret toys down there too! If this is an unexpected change in behavior for them, it’s important that we understand all potential reasons why they’re doing so, whether any concerns should arise as a result, and how best we can manage such habits.

So, what should you make of your dog’s under-the-bed sleeping habits? Let’s dig into why your pup might be snoozing under the bed rather than on top of it.

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8 Common Causes Your Dog Sleeps Under the Bed


Your Dog Wants Privacy

Dogs are den animals, and they love to seek out cozy, enclosed spaces that provide them with a sense of security and comfort. If your dog likes to sleep under the bed, it could be because they feel more comfortable and secure in this space.

Your pup might feel like it can get away from any potential stressors by curling up in the dark and quiet space underneath your bed. This is especially true if you live in a busy household or if there are children running around constantly making noise.

Providing your pet with their own private space where they can relax and unwind can help reduce their overall stress levels.

Your Dog Is Evading You

It sounds strange, but sometimes dogs will sleep under the bed as a way to avoid interacting with their dog owners or other family members. If you’ve recently had an argument with your pup, this can make your dog hide under the bed.

If you’ve noticed your furry friend evading you, they might be seeking solace in their own private space, such as under the bed, where they can hide and sleep peacefully.

Dogs can also feel anxious when there is tension in the home or when someone new enters their territory, so this could be another reason for wanting some extra space for themselves.

Providing your dog with a comfortable and cozy dog bed in a quiet and secluded area of the house can give them a safe space where they can retreat whenever they need to relax or hide away from the world.

Your Dog May Be Hiding Something

Dogs can sometimes hide things from us by putting them underneath furniture where we won’t notice them right away!

If you’ve noticed your pup has something that doesn’t belong to them—like a toy or piece of clothing, it’s possible they’ve stashed it away somewhere safe, so no one can take it away from them. Of course, it’s important to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, just in case!

 Anxiety And Fear

One of the most common causes of dogs sleeping under beds is anxiety and fear of loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks. The soundproof walls of your mattress can serve as a comforting barrier for your pup and make them feel safer during these stressful moments.

If this is the cause of your dog’s behavior, consider providing them with additional comforts, such as treats or a special toy, during these events to help them stay calm and relaxed.

Seeking Security And Comfort

Another reason that dogs may choose to sleep under beds is because the dog feels secure in that space. Some dogs may be more prone to feeling insecure than others, so they will seek out somewhere small and enclosed where they can relax without feeling threatened or scared.

After all, who wouldn’t want their own cozy little hideaway? If your dog tends to spend more time than usual under your bed when other people are around, it could be a sign that they are feeling overwhelmed by all the stimulation.

Be sure to provide plenty of petting and reassurance when guests come over so your pup feels safe and secure in their home environment.

A Place To Relax

Perhaps your furry family member simply enjoys napping and unwinding beneath the bed from time to time! Just like us humans, pets need their alone time, too, so it might just be their way of getting some privacy from time to time.

As long as it’s not causing any issues with cleanliness or hygiene in your bedroom, then there’s no harm in letting them have their special corner where they can relax away from any distractions or disturbances.

Your Dog Wants To Be Close To You

Dogs are very social creatures, so it’s no surprise that many of them want to be close to their people, especially when the lights go out for the night. Your dog might be curled up under your bed because they simply want to stay near you while they sleep.

It also gives them a sense of protection; being tucked away in a tight space can make them feel safe and secure while they dream.

Your Dog Is Sick Or Injured

If your pup is sick or injured, they may be seeking out the comfort of a quiet, enclosed space underneath your bed.

This could even happen if they don’t feel well mentally; if something feels off (like an upcoming thunderstorm), they may try and hide away in an area that makes them feel safe and secure.

It’s important to keep an eye on any changes in behavior that could indicate an injury or illness and contact your vet if necessary.

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Sleeping Under The Bed?


If your pup has suddenly started sleeping underneath the bed, it can be a source of worry and might leave you pondering what could have caused this behavior.

However, bear in mind that there are many factors that may explain why your canine companion is acting differently all of a sudden.

Let’s investigate the frequent causes of why your pup may be snoozing beneath the bed suddenly.

Anxiety or Stress

Dogs can experience anxiety or stress for a variety of reasons, including changes in routine, new surroundings, or loud noises. Some dogs sleep under the bed because it provides a sense of security and comfort for your dog during times of stress or anxiety.

Additionally, the darkness and quietness of the space can help them feel more relaxed and reduce their anxiety levels.

Illness or Pain

If you notice that your dog has taken to curling up underneath the bed, it may be a sign that they’re experiencing some discomfort or pain. This could be related to an illness or injury. It’s important to monitor your dog’s behavior and seek veterinary care if you notice any other symptoms or changes in behavior.

Temperature Regulation

Dogs may seek out cooler areas to sleep in, especially during hot weather. If your dog is suddenly sleeping under the bed, it may be because this area is cooler than other parts of the house.

Changes in Environment

Changes in the home environment, such as new furniture or a new family member, can cause anxiety and stress in your dog. Sleeping under the bed may be a way for your dog to retreat and feel safe when there have been changes in your dog’s life.


As dogs age, they may have difficulty climbing onto the bed or prefer a more comfortable and secure sleeping space. Sleeping under the bed may provide a sense of security and comfort for older dogs.

Is It A Wise Decision To Let My Dog Sleep Under the Bed?

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve likely faced the question of where your furry friend should sleep at night. One option that many owners consider is letting their dog sleep underneath the bed.

This can be a great choice for numerous reasons. For one, it provides a secure and cozy den-like environment, which can be comforting for dogs. Additionally, it keeps them out of the way and ensures they don’t take up too much space on the bed.

However, like any sleeping arrangement, it’s important to ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe. Make sure there’s enough room under the bed for them to move around and that they’re not in danger of getting stuck or trapped.

With these precautions in mind, letting your dog sleep beneath your bed can be a wise decision for both you and your precious pup.

7 Reasons Why It May Be Bad for Your Dog To Sleep Under the Bed


For a variety of reasons, it is often not recommended for your canine companion to sleep under the bed.

Let’s take a look at some of them now:

  • A lack of air circulation can cause respiratory issues in your pet.
  • It can be difficult to monitor your dog’s health if they are sleeping in an enclosed space.
  • Your dog may become scared or anxious if they feel too confined in the space under the bed.
  • There is a risk of your pet getting injured from sharp objects that may be stored underneath the bed, such as furniture legs or box springs.
  • If you have other pets, there is a chance that they could fight or bully each other while sleeping under the bed together.
  • Your pet may become too hot or cold depending on the temperature of the room and their proximity to the floorboards or mattress above them.
  • The dust and dirt that accumulates underneath beds can be harmful to your dog’s health if they are exposed to it for long periods of time.

How To Keep Your Dog From Sleeping Under the Bed

Does your pup like to hide under the bed when it’s time for bed? Maybe they are shy and scared, or they might have separation anxiety. Regardless of the reason, this behavior is dangerous since it can lead to injuries or suffocation if they become stuck there.

Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to help your furry family member sleep safely in their own dog beds, instead of hiding under yours.

Consult Your Dog’s Vet

Before trying any methods at home, take your pup to the vet so that any underlying medical issues can be ruled out and addressed. If nothing is found, then you can proceed with some of the other tips listed below.

Get Your Dog Their Own Crate

One way to keep your pup from sleeping under the bed is to get them their own crate to put in a corner of a room or area of the house. This gives them a place to relax and feel safe without feeling confined in an enclosed space.

A crate may help if your pup suffers from anxiety when left alone as it will provide them with some structure and help reduce stress levels while also allowing them more freedom than being enclosed in an x-pen or carrier would allow them.

Make sure that you also provide plenty of toys, blankets, and other items that make it as comfortable as possible for your four-legged friend!

Use Anti-Anxiety Medication

If your pup’s behavior persists even after trying these methods above, then it may be time to seek professional help from your veterinarian or animal behaviorist who specializes in separation anxiety cases such as this one.

They may recommend using anti-anxiety medications (such as Xanax), which can help calm down anxious animals so they feel less inclined to hide away in fear under furniture, such as beds, when left alone for long periods of time. Again though, these should only be used after consulting with a vet first!

Help Your Dog Overcoming Anxiety Through Training

The last suggestion on how to keep your pup from sleeping under the bed is desensitization training for anxiety. This focuses on teaching pups how to cope with stressful situations by gradually introducing them to new environments and situations.

It will help them become comfortable enough with everything around them that they no longer need to seek solace under furniture, such as beds, when left alone at home!

This method requires patience and consistency but has been known to work wonders when dealing with separation anxiety cases like this one!


It’s clear that there are many reasons why your dog may be sleeping under the bed. From feeling safe and secure to hiding a secret stash of toys, it’s important to understand your pup’s behavior in order to ensure they’re living their best dog life.

Most dogs love having a cozy spot to rest, and if that happens to be under the bed, then you can rest assured knowing that your pup is just as happy as can be.

Understanding dog behavior is key to providing them with the best care possible, so if you’re ever wondering why your pup has taken up residence under the bed, now you know!