6 Must Know Reasons Why Dogs Like Period Blood


What makes dogs intrigued by the smell of period blood? If you’ve ever been curious about this topic, then you’ve likely experienced this strange dog attraction firsthand.

Our furry friends exhibit many bad habits that we humans find unusual, and enjoying the scent of menstrual blood is certainly one of those unusual behaviors. However, this behavior may not be as bizarre as we think.

All female mammalian creatures have periods, as they are a normal part of the mammalian reproductive cycle. Period blood is a byproduct of such a cycle, and both female dogs and women experience this phenomenon.

If you’re a woman that owns a dog, you may have noticed that your dog gets a little too curious about the smell of period blood when you’re on your period.

It can be embarrassing to have your canine companion showing such curiosity but know that you are not alone in having this experience.

In this article, we will describe why dogs like period blood and what owners can do to discourage their dog’s curiosity about this topic.

First, Watch This Video In Case Your Dog Ate A Tampon!

6 Reasons Why Dogs Like Period Blood


There are plenty of reasons that make dogs attracted to period blood. Some of the reasons may seem far-fetched, while others will make perfect sense to many.

Remember that different dogs will have different reasons for period blood, so just because someone else’s dog is attracted to menstrual blood for a certain reason doesn’t mean that your dog will behave the same way.

Let’s take a look at the most plausible reasons that explain why a dog is attracted to period blood:

  • Period blood has a distinctive and intriguing smell to dogs
  • You have inadvertently encouraged the behavior
  • Dogs naturally love the smell of blood because they are scavengers
  • They learn this behavior from other dogs
  • They are interested in the taste
  • They simply enjoy your presence

Period Blood Has A Distinctive and Intriguing Smell To Dogs

One reason that could very well explain why your dog is attracted to period blood is that this compound has a distinct and intriguing smell to dogs.

Keep in mind that a dog relies on its sense of smell rather than eyesight as its primary means of navigating its everyday life. This thought is difficult for humans to comprehend since we are very sight-driven for the most part. However, this is not the case for dogs.

While dogs certainly use their eyesight, it is not nearly as important to them as their sense of smell. Therefore, when a dog detects a scent that is as distinctive and memorable as period blood, it will often be inclined to investigate.

This is especially true if your dog is near you when it detects the scent.

All dog breeds have a sense of smell that is far greater than that of a human’s sense of smell. However, breeds with renowned senses of smell like German Shepherds, Basset Hounds, Blood Hounds, and Labrador Retrievers are notorious for their curiosity with period blood.

You Have Inadvertently Encouraged The Behavior

Another reason why your dog may be inclined to investigate the scent of period blood is that you have inadvertently encouraged this behavior.

Now, you may be thinking, “But that’s crazy-I’ve never encouraged my dog to smell period blood!”. Well, an owner doesn’t necessarily have to prompt a dog to investigate period blood for a dog to become encouraged to do so.

Sometimes, a dog may be encouraged to become a bit too curious about period blood because their owner has not discouraged them from investigating.

Owners that are passive and simply stand by while watching dogs licking period blood are failing to demonstrate to their dogs that such behavior is not desirable.

Some owners may not mind if their furry friend investigates blood from their menstrual cycle. This is a personal decision to make but know that guests may not be as enthused about having a dog sniff them.

Dog owners that wish to avoid inadvertently encouraging their dog from investigating period blood should offer a firm, stern “no” whenever their dog gets too curious.

There is no need to yell at a dog, and there is certainly no place for inflicting physical harm to dogs that become curious about period blood. Instead, simply be firm when offering a command to discourage a dog.

Be sure to keep in mind that dogs cannot understand human language, so it may take some time for your pooch to get the message. Nonetheless, repeated and consistent messages should get through to your dog.

Dogs Naturally Love The Smell Of Blood Because They Are Scavengers

A very logical reason that can be used to explain why dogs are interested in the smell and taste of period blood has to do with the fact that dogs are omnivorous by nature.

Dogs are descended from wolves, and since wolves primarily eat other animals that they scavenge or kill, your dog naturally is drawn to the smell of blood since this scent is crucial for a wolf’s survival.

All dogs are attracted to the smell of blood for this reason—yes, even your tiny Chihuahua is a born scavenger by nature.

Now, don’t be alarmed by this revelation. This does not mean that your furry friend is interested in eating you. Rather, they are simply interested in seeing where the source of the blood is coming from.

Additionally, your dog may be curious about if following the scent of blood will lead to any food for them since wolves place so much importance on following blood trails to find meals.

So, there you have it-another reason that your dog may want to investigate period blood is that their natural instincts compel them to do so.

They Learn This Behavior From Other Dogs

A dog may learn to become curious about period blood after watching another dog have an interaction with this compound.

While this reasoning is not likely, it is possible for a dog to develop a behavior after watching another dog. After all, dogs learn commands from their owners by observing them and waiting for a reward.

In this case, a dog who may have previously been hesitant to investigate the source of period blood may become emboldened to do so after seeing another dog do so without any repercussions.

Again, this is why consistent training of a dog is so important. If you do not want your furry friend to be too nosey, be sure that you consistently discourage it from investigating period blood.

This should prevent your pooch from doing so and make them hesitant to do so even when other dogs are being a bit too curious.

They Are Interested In The Taste

If your dog licks your period blood, then your pooch may develop a taste for this compound.

Now, when dogs lick menstrual blood, they most commonly access period blood from feminine hygiene products.

These products are commonplace for women on their periods, and if they are not disposed of in a secure location, a dog could easily access one of these products.

You may be surprised that your dog would even want to bother with sniffing or licking bloody pads or used tampons, but remember that dogs sniff and lick because they are curious animals. Having a dog lick menstrual blood means that it is trying to learn more about the compound.

Most furry friends are willing to try most things at least one time, so it only takes a single encounter with used pads or tampons for a dog to enjoy licking things with period blood on them.

If a dog likes period blood and has one positive encounter with bloody pads or tampons, may seek out additional encounters.

The easiest way to prevent your dog from exhibiting this behavior is by putting used feminine hygiene products into a secure location that a dog cannot access.

They Simply Enjoy Your Presence

While dogs are certainly interested in the smell of period blood, it is entirely possible that a dog who invades your personal boundaries may not be doing so because they smell period blood. Instead, they may approach you simply because they enjoy your presence.

An owner can discern the difference between the two behaviors by carefully observing their canine companion.

A dog that repeatedly puts its snout in unwanted places is a dog that is likely trying to investigate period blood smell. However, a dog that puts its head on your lap or frequently tries cuddling up to you probably has no interest in sniffing your period blood.

Instead, dogs that display this behavior are probably seeking pets or attention from you. Try to give your dog some attention and see if this mitigates its desire to invade your personal space.

Do Dogs Know When You’re On Your Period?

do dogs like period smell

While we’re on the topic of dogs and their interest in period blood, you may wonder if a dog can tell when you’re on your period.

After reading the information above, you may be very confident that the answer is “yes”. However, the answer is not so straightforward.

Let’s begin with what we know to be true. It is doubtlessly true that a dog can detect the distinct smell of period blood. This smell keys a dog into the source of the blood and may prompt them to investigate the smell.

So does this mean that a dog knows when you’re on your period? Well, it depends on your perspective on the matter.

A dog can deduce when a female is producing period blood because it can smell the distinct body scent of this compound. Some may think that this means that a dog is able to tell when a woman is on her period.

However, we have to consider that dogs do not understand the premise of a woman being on her period. Yes, female dogs have periods themselves, but they do not necessarily understand what it means to be on a period.

This means that whether you believe a dog can truly tell if you’re on your period is a matter of perspective. What is not debatable is that dogs can detect period blood smells.

What Makes Dogs Like Period Blood?

We know that dogs can be attracted to period blood for several reasons. For instance, they may find the scent intriguing because they’re scavengers by nature. Your pooch may also be attracted to period blood because it enjoys the taste.

While this information is widely understood, not many are aware of the specific compounds within period blood that make it intriguing to dogs, so let’s take a look.

The primary reason that a dog will be attracted to the scent of period blood is because this substance contains pheromones.

Pheromones are compounds that are produced in the apocrine glands and released by the human body during specific events. These compounds can relay a rich array of information about a woman’s menstrual cycle stage.

Dogs will first be attracted to period blood because of its smell, but they may choose to taste the substance if they get a chance.

This may seem very strange and slightly disturbing to humans, but most dogs like period blood tasting because it tells them even more information about the substance that they otherwise could not have gotten by simply smelling it.

Are Male And Female Dogs Equally Attracted To The Scent Of Period Blood?

dog smelling my period

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time around both male dogs and female dogs, you may have noticed that male dogs seem to show a greater interest in period blood smells than female dogs. Is this anecdotal observation correct?

Though both male and female dogs may show an interest in the smell of period blood, it is males that tend to be far more motivated to check out the source of the scent.

You may be curious about the explanation for varying interest in period blood smell by a dog’s sex. Why do male dogs like period blood more than females?

Well, remember that having a period is as much a part of a dog’s estrous cycle as it is for humans. Male dogs have evolved to detect the pheromones that are emitted by female dogs during their period, as these pheromones help them to understand a female’s sexual availability.

When a male dog smells certain pheromones, it may become aroused. Now that dogs and humans coexist, male dogs instinctually are drawn to the period blood of women.

Smelling period blood from their owner may have a similar effect on a male dog as smelling period blood from a female dog.

Are Male Dogs Sexually Attracted To Humans?

After reading that smelling pheromones and period blood from women may cause a male dog to become aroused, you may draw the conclusion that male dogs can be sexually attracted to humans, but this is not the case.

It’s true that smelling certain pheromones can cause a male dog to be aroused, but this does not indicate that a male dog is attracted to its female owner or any other female on her period.

Instead, male dogs are naturally turned on by the scent of certain pheromones—regardless of the source of those pheromones.

This arousal can cause a male dog to hump the leg of its owner or be far too nosey, but male dogs are not sexually attracted to human females.

Is It Dangerous For A Dog To Consume Period Blood? 

If your dog consumes period blood, you may find this behavior to be icky, but is this behavior more than just unappealing? Can a dog suffer any health consequences after consuming period blood? 

No responsible dog owner would allow their furry friend to consume period blood intentionally, but dogs have a way of forging their own paths. 

Owners that dispose of used tampons and used pads in a garbage can may be setting their dog up for easy access to these items. 

While female dogs will probably leave feminine menstrual products alone, dogs are likely to put these products into their mouths. So, is it dangerous for a dog to consume period blood, and what will happen if a dog accidentally consumes a feminine product? 

Let’s start with period blood-what happens if a dog ingests this substance? 

Well, the good news for owners is that a dog will be perfectly fine if it ingests period blood. Though it may sound gross, your dog is not at risk of contracting any diseases or infections from this substance. 

Anyone who has owned a dog knows that these curious canines tend to put far worse things into their mouths, so a little period blood won’t hurt them. 

What If My Dog Ingests Feminine Products?

While it is acceptable for a dog to ingest period blood, dog owners can probably guess that it is a different story with dogs and feminine products.

Indeed, dogs should never consume sanitary pads or tampons. Though dogs should not consume these products, this doesn’t mean that your furry friend won’t try to eat non-food items like these.

If a dog finds a used tampon or pad after smelling the aroma of period blood on these items, they will likely try to consume these products.

Dogs eat plenty of weird things, but eating tampons and pads is downright dangerous for your pooch for several reasons.

First, these items pose a choking hazard to your canine companion. A dog that gains access to used tampons or pads could easily choke on these hazardous materials.

If a dog does manage to swallow a feminine product, then it could pose major issues to its digestive tract. A dog’s stomach will not be able to break down the materials used to create tampons or pads, so one of these products could effectively be stuck in your dog.

What Should I Do If My Dog Swallows A Tampon Or Pad?

Though no owner wants to be in this position, it is nonetheless important for pet parents to know what to do if their dog swallows feminine products such as a tampon or menstrual pad.

One thing to keep in mind if you find yourself in this instance is that staying calm is key. Owners who are frantically scrambling to try to help their dogs will likely stress out their dogs and escalate a situation that is already precarious.

So, remaining calm will be key. The first thing that an owner should do when they realize that their pooch has consumed a tampon or pad would be to assess their dog’s well-being.

Check to see if your dog is still capable of moving around and functioning fairly normally. Be prepared that your dog may throw up at any point.

Owners should not try to diagnose and treat a dog that has been eating non food items without the help of a professional.

Therefore, taking a dog to get assessed by a veterinarian will result in the best outcome for your dog.

Owners that do not take their dogs to seek professional help risk having their dogs develop lasting, detrimental effects from consuming a product that should not have been eaten.

A veterinarian will be able to advise an owner on how to treat their dog as they work to nurse it back to optimal health.

How To Prevent Dogs From Accessing Used Feminine Products?

dog ate period pad

Is your dog attracted to the scent of period blood? If so, then don’t be surprised if your dogs lick period blood.

Dogs love period blood for a variety of reasons but don’t think that they’ll limit themselves to sniffing period blood. No, dog sniffing is just the start. Many dogs will try to ingest used tampons and pads if they can access them.

If you’re a big animal lover, you’ll want to prevent your dog from gaining access to these products, as they could pose a risk to the health of your pooches.

So, how can you eliminate the risk that used tampons and pads pose to dogs? Well, the most effective way to do this is to simply prevent your dog from having access to these items.

If you put tampons and pads that are covered by in period blood in the garbage, then a dog could very easily access these items.

Put A Lid Onto A Garbage Can

Even if you think that a dog’s size will prevent it from accessing a garbage can, they may be able to move the container around and get what they want. Keep in mind that a determined dog is very difficult to stop.

One solution to keep your dogs out of trash cans with used tampons and pads is to put a secure lid onto a trash can. If you do this, be sure that a dog cannot easily remove the lid. Sealed trash cans are typically effective at deterring most dogs.

Put Used Tampons and Pads Into A Bag

Bagging up used tampons and pads and then placing them in a secure location such as a dumpster outside is a good way to ensure that your dog will not be able to access these items.

Be sure that you don’t merely bag up items with period blood on them and then place them into an unsecured trash can in your house, as dogs will still be able to smell these items. A bag will not stop a dog from accessing items in which they’re interested.

Don’t Allow Your Dog Into Your Bathroom

If you’re worried about a dog accessing used pads or tampons, perhaps the easiest thing to do is to restrict your dog’s access to your bathroom by shutting the bathroom door.

It may be inconvenient to keep the bathroom door closed all of the time, but this would be an effective way to deter your dog from becoming too curious about the scent of period blood wafting from the bathroom.

Scold Your Dog When It Investigates Your Trash Can

Pet parents should be ready to scold their dog when it becomes too curious about the feminine products contained within the trash can.

This doesn’t mean that owners should yell at their dogs or hit them. Remember, dogs are naturally curious creatures that enjoy investigating intriguing smells.

If your dog is trained well, you can tell them “no” every time they try to investigate the garbage can with used tampons or pads. Eventually, this may deter them from being too nosey.

However, know that this method is far from foolproof-dogs may override your commands when you’re not paying attention, so it’s best to restrict their access to used tampons and pads.