How Much To Feed A Corgi: From Puppy To Senior


Welcoming a new member of your family is always an exciting event—especially when that family member is small and furry with big ears. 

Corgis are endearing dogs that are beloved by many. As a result, this dog breed is popular worldwide. 

Bringing a new Corgi pup home is a thrilling occasion, but it can also be a nerve-wracking time as pet parents scramble to provide their dogs with the best possible life. 

New fur parents may be especially uncertain as to how they should go about caring for their new, adorable Corgi puppy. One of the first questions on the minds of new Corgi owners is, “How much should I feed my Corgi?”. 

We’ll soon discuss why it is important to feed your Corgi a proper amount of food, so keep reading to find all of the answers that you seek. 

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How Much To Feed A Corgi Puppy

feeding a corgi puppy

If you’re curious about how much to feed a Corgi puppy, the next few sections should have all of the answers that you’re after.

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Do Corgis Eat A Lot Of Food? 

Before you consider adding a Corgi to your family, you may be curious to know if these pooches eat a lot. 

While Corgis can certainly put away a bit of dog food when given the chance, they are not nearly as voracious as other dog breeds. This is simply because these animals are small dogs compared to some of the bigger dog breeds that are capable of eating 5 cups of dog food per day. 

Knowing that information is surely a relief to some prospective Corgi owners, but how much food will a Corgi need to eat every day? 

Why Isn’t My Corgi Puppy Eating? 

If you’re trying to feed a Corgi puppy and it does not seem to be eating, don’t panic!

When you first bring young puppies home, they may not have much of an appetite as they adjust to the shock of a new home. This is perfectly normal behavior, and your dog should start eating normally in a few days. 

If your dog is still not eating very much after a few days, it may be worth taking your dog to a trusted veterinarian so they can assess if there are any health concerns with your pooch. 

2 Months Old 

A Corgi puppy can first be brought to its forever home around the time that it’s 2 months old. At this point, a Corgi should be weaned from its mother and introduced to solid food. 

Your Corgi will be quite small at this point in their lives. In fact, you may practically be able to fit your Corgi in the palm of your hand at this age. Unfortunately, your tiny friend won’t be a Corgi puppy forever. In a few weeks, they will have nearly doubled in size.

Unsurprisingly, one of these little guys will not need to eat much puppy food given its diminutive size. However, your furry friend will grow quickly as it ages, so establishing proper feeding habits are important. 

Your 2-month-old Corgi should receive about one-third of a cup of food at this age. This 0.33 cups of food can be divided into four meals that are distributed throughout the day. 

Corgi parents can develop a feeding schedule for their pup based on its preferences. It may be worth trying to feed your Corgi pup first thing in the morning, once at mid-morning, once in the early afternoon, and once in the evening. 

As your canine companion nears 3 months of age, they may seem to develop more of an appetite. At this point, you can start to offer closer to 0.5 cups of Corgi puppy food every day. 

3 Months Old 

A Corgi puppy should be consuming over 0.5 cups of food by the time they’re 3 months old. Generally, planning to provide your pup with two-thirds of one cup of Corgi puppy food is advisable for dogs at this age. 

The 0.66 cups of food that you feed 3-month-old Corgi pups daily can still be divided into 4 meals distributed throughout the day. By this time, you should have a consistent feeding schedule worked out for your dog. 

As your 3-month-old Corgi nears 4 months of age, owners can begin increasing their dog’s daily food allotment to an amount closer to three-fourths of a cup or more. 

4 Months Old

By the time a Corgi is 4 months old, don’t be surprised if your Corgi eats more than twice as much Corgi puppy food as they consumed when they were 2 months old. That means that 0wners can expect to start buying a dog food bag for their pup more frequently.

A four-month-old Corgi should receive around one cup of food every day. Owners should continue to feed their Corgi four meals per day at this time. Therefore, 4-month-old Corgi puppies should eat about 0.25 cups of food during each meal. 

5-8 Months Old 

Your Corgi puppy should be getting pretty sizable by the time they reach 5 months old, but they still have plenty of growing to do. 

Corgi dogs that are between the age of 5 to 8 months should continue to consume around 1 cup of food every day. However, owners should reduce the number of meals that Corgis eat every day at this point in their dogs’ lives. 

Up to this point in their lives, Corgis have likely eaten four cups of food daily. When a Corgi puppy reaches 5 months of age, it can start to eat 3 cups of food daily. 

By the time a Corgi puppy is nearing 8 months old, it can begin eating just two meals per day. 

9-12 Months Old

A Corgi puppy will be very close to their adult size by the time they reach nine months of age, and most Corgis will be adult-sized when they have its first birthday. 

At this point in their lives, owners can up their furry friend’s food intake for the final time in their lives. Owners of Corgis in this age range should begin to offer more than one cup of food to their dogs every day. 

If your dog eats all the food in its dog bowl, try giving them 1.25 cups. The goal is to eventually reach a point where 9 to 12-month-old Corgis are eating 1.5 cups of food daily. 

This quantity of food will give your furry friend the energy and calories that they need to make the final push to adult size. 

Can A Corgi Puppy Eat Human Food?

It is wise to avoid feeding your dog a bunch of processed human foods, but the occasional healthy snack is acceptable. Just make sure you verify that a food is safe for your Corgi before feeding it to them!

Switching Your Corgi From Puppy To Adult Dog Food

An important point to keep in mind when your dog is transitioning to adulthood is that it should be fed adult dog food rather than puppy kibble. 

An adult diet better accounts for the nutritional needs of Corgis over 12 months old, while Corgi puppy foods are better equipped to provide nourishment to a young dog. So, you can kiss the small bite puppy blends goodbye and welcome in Corgi food recommended by a Corgi feeding guide.

Feeding An Adult Corgi (1-6 years)

feeding an adult corgi

Most adult Corgis—with a few exceptions—will eat a similar amount of food to 9 to 12-month-old Corgis. Therefore, plan to feed these dogs a minimum of 1.5 cups of adult food daily.

If your adult Corgi appears to routinely be hungry after eating this amount of dog food, increase the amount of food that you offer. 

Generally, adult Corgis should not eat more than 2 cups of adult food every day. However, as we alluded to above, there are some exceptions.

Feeding Pregnant Corgis

How much to feed pregnant Corgis-should these dogs receive more food than an average adult?

Pregnant Corgis are at a time in their lives where their caloric requirements are immense. Not only do pregnant Corgis have to feed themselves during this time, but they have to provide nourishment to the batch of babies that are developing inside of them. 

Don’t be surprised if your pregnant Corgi consumes well over 2 cups of dog food every day. A Corgi owner with a mama Corgi should try to feed these adult dogs 3 or more cups of food daily to ensure that both mother and babies are receiving proper nourishment. 

Active Corgis 

One look at a Corgi and you can infer that they are not the most athletic dogs in the canine kingdom. However, these pooches still enjoy their exercise. 

If you own an especially active Corgi, you will need to feed your dog extra to help it make up for all of the calories that it burns while exercising. Plan to feed your active pooch at least 2 cups of food every day. 

Feeding Senior Corgis (7+ Years)

feeding a senior corgi

By the time your Corgi is nearing 7 years old, they are approaching the senior years of their life. Knowing how much to feed senior Corgis can help them comfortably live out their golden years.

A senior dog should be provided with a special diet to help provide the proper nutrients that it needs at this point in its life. 

Elderly Corgis will probably not be interested in eating quite as much as they did when they were a few years younger. This is simply a result of aging and being less active. 

Therefore, pet parents should expect to feed a Corgi between one to 1.5 cups of food every day. If your Corgi still seems hungry after consuming this much, don’t be afraid to offer some additional sustenance to them. 

Managing Your Corgi’s Weight 

Those who have observed many different Corgis throughout their life would likely tell you that most of the Corgis that they encounter are tubby. Indeed, maintaining a healthy weight for these dogs can be a challenge, as these dogs are very prone to weight gain. 

The short, stubby bodies of Corgis make it easy for these dogs to pack on the pounds unless they have a consistent exercise routine. 

This means that those who own Corgis should feel responsible for ensuring that they have a healthy dog. Corgis that are holding too much weight could develop detrimental health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hip dysplasia, or other harmful health complications. 

The best ways for pet lovers to maintain healthy growth for their pooch is to avoid overfeeding and ensure that their furry friend is receiving plenty of exercise. 

Why Does My Corgi Eat Its Food So Quickly?

If your Corgi seemingly inhales its food, you should take this as a compliment, as it means that your dog loves its food!

You may worry about your Corgi eating too quickly. This is a reasonable concern, as eating too fast can lead to indigestion.

If you think that your Corgi could stand to slow down when they eat, try using a slow feeder bowl to draw out the eating process. Slow-feeder bowls do not let a dog access all of their food at once, so they could be a great option for those with an excited eater.

If they’re eating too much and getting bloated, read this by Preventive Vet.

How To Make Corgi Gain Weight

While most will not have any trouble getting their Corgi to gain weight, some Corgi owners may have a picky eater that seems a bit too lean. 

Making sure that your Corgi gets enough food is vital to their healthy development. It is especially important to make sure that Corgi puppies are getting enough food, as a lack of food at any point while they’re a puppy could inhibit them from reaching their full adult size. 

There are several reasons why your Corgi may appear slim. Perhaps the most common reason is that your Corgi is not getting enough food to account for its daily energy expenditures. 

Owners of particularly active Corgis may not be feeding their dogs enough food after they’ve enjoyed a day of fun. 

If you want to help your dog put on weight, try offering it more food. If your pooch readily gobbles up the meal but still cannot seem to add weight, then the food itself may be to blame. You may not be feeding your dog the right food, and a new food may be in order.

Low-quality dog foods have a minimal amount of nutrients and often fail to help your dog feel full after a meal. If you find that your dog cannot seem to gain weight, try to consult with your vet and see if they would recommend a new food.

Comparing their body size when they’re eating old and new foods can reveal a lot about the quality of a dog’s old food and new food.

What If My Corgi Won’t Eat

Choosy eaters may seem bored when presented with the same bowl of food every day. In cases such as these, those who own these stubborn dogs need to be creative. Try this idea if you want to improve the odds of your Corgi eating:

Make Feeding Fun

Owners that turn eating food into a game and take away the monotonous, boring aspect of eating food may have better luck with getting their Corgi than if they simply put a bowl in front of their dog and walked away.

Another idea is to offer treats to your dog if they eat all of their dog food. For instance, healthy treats like green beans or carrots can make eating fun again.

Can I Free-Feed A Corgi?

Free feeding is the act through which a dog has access to as much food as they want. Those who free-feed a dog may use some sort of device that refills a dog’s bowl once that bowl is empty, or they may simply pour more food into the bowl themselves when they see that their dog is out. 

While free feeding may be convenient, it is not ideal for a dog. This is so because free-feeding makes dogs more prone to gaining weight since they can essentially eat an unregulated amount of food. 

Even dogs that aren’t necessarily hungry may eat food from their bowl if the food is just lying around. 

Ideally, owners should be partitioning a specific amount of food for their Corgis during designated, structured meal times. This adds an element of regularity to the life of your Corgi and prevents them from binging on an endless amount of food and gaining weight.  

What Should My Corgi’s Diet Consist Of?

Trying to figure out the particular diet that is best for your Corgi can seem overwhelming. Some sources will tell you to feed certain food brands to your dog. Others may suggest feeding canned meat, wet foods, raw food, or a homemade diet to your dog.

While some will tell you that a certain diet is better than another, the truth is that so long as your dog enjoys a balanced meal each time they eat, that meal is totally acceptable for your pooch.

Picky eaters may not want to eat dry kibble for every meal, but you can figure out what to feed your Corgi through trial and error.

Remember, as long as your furry friend is getting the calorie intake that they need, you can choose to feed your Corgi whatever you feel is best for them. Whether you do raw feeding, make your own meals for your pooch, feed your pup a wet dog food, or feed your Corgi a dry kibble, you know what your dog likes best.

Should I Feed Wet Food To My Corgi?

As discussed above, deciding what to feed your dog is a personal choice that an owner should not feel guilty about making. If you would like another opinion about whether to feed your Corgi wet food, dry food, or canned food, you can consult a vet or another dog nutritionist.

Some dogs may prefer eating dry food, while others will love to eat wet food. Additionally, remember that you do not have to restrict your dog to a single type of dog food. Your pooch can eat wet food one day and a raw food diet the next day if they enjoy doing so.

Just be sure that you have an idea of how many calories your dog will need each day to make sure that they get enough food.

Should I Use A Corgi Feeding Chart For My Dog?

If you want a second opinion about how much to feed your Corgi after reading this article, then a Corgi puppy feeding chart or an adult feeding chart can be good references.

Corgi feeding charts or a Corgi feeding guide will specify the foods and amount of food that your dog should be consuming.