How Much To Feed A Bulldog: From Puppy To Senior


Owning a Bulldog is a joyous experience for both the dog and the owner. An English Bulldog puppy is adorable while it’s young, but it will quickly grow into an adult Bulldog.

If you’re considering adopting an English Bulldog puppy, you probably have lots of questions before doing so. For instance, you may wonder about the eating habits of your Bulldog. Is dry dog food or a raw diet better for your pup?

You surely have plenty of questions about English Bulldog feeding, so keep reading to find all of the answers that you seek!

How Much To Feed A Bulldog Puppy

How Much To Feed A Bulldog Puppy

Bringing home a new Bulldog puppy is an exciting experience that English Bulldog owners will never forget. Younger puppies are adorably tiny and beyond cute during their first few months, but the petite size will not last for long.

Before you know it, your English Bulldog will be well on its way to becoming an adult dog. To support your English Bulldog puppy as it grows into its adult body, you will need to supply it with plenty of dog food and keep your dog hydrated to help it reach its potential.

Of course, you won’t want an overweight puppy, so dog owners will have to discover the perfect amount of food for their Bulldog puppies.

While this may sound like an intimidating task, there is no need to worry-we’ve got your back! Continue reading to find out the ideal amounts of food that an English Bulldog puppy requires.

Most importantly, always feed your Bulldog high quality food to keep them happy and healthy. These are our favorite foods!

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What Is The Best Puppy Food For My English Bulldog Puppy?

Plenty of dog lovers go to great lengths to discover the optimal dog food for their Bulldog puppies.

Should Bulldog puppies be fed a raw food diet or wet and dry food? How can I optimize English Bulldog puppy feeding to promote a healthy immune system for my pup? Is commercial food bad for my Bulldog puppy?

If you have ever owned an English Bulldog puppy, you have surely sought the answers to these questions. there are thousands of different sources out there that provide guidance to these questions. Some sources promote dry and wet foods, while others advocate for feeding an English Bulldog puppy raw food for high-quality protein.

So, is one choice better than another? What sort of puppy food is best for your English Bulldog puppy?

Before you seek answers to these questions online, consider that no one knows your English Bulldog puppy better than you do. Do you really want to take English Bulldog feeding advice from random individuals online?

Have confidence in your abilities to choose a puppy food that is best for your pooch. You can try feeding them wet dog food, commercial dog food, dry dog food, or a raw food diet. There is no option that is inherently better than another.

If it seems like your dog enjoys what they eat, then be consistent and routinely offer them the food that they enjoy. If they do not seem to like their puppy food, then don’t worry-there nothing wrong with switching English Bulldog puppies to a new food if they don’t care for the food that they’re eating.

Healthy eating habits can easily be established from a young age for your tiny pooch.

Why Won’t My New English Bulldog Puppy Eat?

English Bulldog puppies can be brought to their forever home when they are around 2 months old. At this point in their lives, they have been weaned off of their mother’s milk and eating solid foods.

As a dog owner, there is no time more exciting than bringing your new English Bulldog puppy home. However, it can be distressing to realize that your puppy doesn’t seem to be eating once it arrives home. What’s wrong? Why is my English Bulldog puppy neglecting to eat its food?

Luckily, it is perfectly normal for young English Bulldogs to lack an appetite during their first day or two in their forever home. Why, you ask? Well, this is because the process of a puppy being uprooted from its dog family to go live with its human family can be frightening initially.

An English Bulldog puppy may scarcely know its new owners when it gets adopted and brought home, and the new environment in which it is living can be unfamiliar and unsettling.

This means that your English Bulldog puppy may–understandably–lack an appetite during its first couple of days at home.

After a day or two, your puppy should begin eating like normal and beginning its rapid transformation into becoming an adult.

Feeding A Two-Month-Old Bulldog

Two-month-old Bulldogs will not be far removed from consuming their mother’s milk, but they should be accustomed to eating solid food at this point in their lives. 

These dogs will be plenty tiny at this point, but they will grow into sizable adult Bulldogs before you know it. English Bulldogs develop quite quickly, so they consume more food than most other dogs when they’re young. 

To support the growth of your petite pup, how much food should they receive every day? 

English Bulldog puppies that are around two months of food should be offered 2 cups of food every day during their first week or two at home

As your pup gets used to living in its new home, its appetite may begin to increase. After a couple of weeks at home, increase your puppy’s daily food intake to 2.5 cups of food per day. 

Of course, if your English Bulldog puppy still seems hungry after it has consumed its daily amount of food, don’t hesitate to offer it some additional food. 

Young English Bulldog pups need to eat a sufficient amount of food. 

Feeding A Three-Month-Old Bulldog

Now that your English Bulldog puppy is undoubtedly larger than it was when you first brought it home, you will need to increase the amount of food that you give to your precious pooch. 

By the time your English Bulldog is three months old, it should be consuming at least 2.5 cups of food every day. English Bulldog puppies on the large end of the spectrum can eat anywhere from 2.75 to 3 cups of food every day. 

As your English Bulldog puppy nears four months old, don’t be surprised if it eats close to 3 cups of food daily. This may seem like a lot of food for a puppy, but remember that these dogs grow rapidly. 

Therefore, though eating 3 cups of food every day would be a lot for puppies of most other breeds, it is a good amount of food for a three-month-old Bulldog. 

Feeding A Four To Five-Month-Old Bulldog

By the time your Bulldog puppy is four months old, it should be much larger than it was when you first brought it home. 

If it doesn’t appear that your pup has grown a noticeable amount since the time that you brought it home, you may want to seek veterinary advice to determine if your puppy is falling behind. 

There is still plenty of time to make corrections to a dog’s diet at this point in their lives. So, if you’ve got a small four-month-old English Bulldog puppy, you can still make adjustments to help your pooch grow. 

A typical four-month-old English Bulldog puppy should eat at least 3 cups of food every day. As they age, they will be able to eat closer to 3.125 cups of food

Five-month-old Bulldog pups should consume more than 3 cups of food daily. In fact, this is about the time that English Bulldogs consume their peak daily quantities of food. 

As an English Bulldog puppy grows older than five months old, the amount of food that it requires every day will begin to trend downward. Proper English Bulldog puppy feeding is crucial during this pivotal time of growth.

Five-month-old Bulldog pups can eat up to 3.25 cups of food daily. 

Feeding A Six To Nine-Month-Old Bulldog

Bulldog owners can now begin to cut back on the amount of food that they feed their precious pooches every day once they’re six months old and beyond. 

A six-month-old English Bulldog can still eat a bit of food, so plan on feeding these dogs around 3.25 cups of food every day. If you notice that your pooch is developing a bigger belly than expected, try to cut back on the amount of food that you give your dog. 

As your English Bulldog puppy reaches seven months old and beyond, you can begin to offer it less food since it will be finished with the teenage stage in its life. 

Seven to eight-month-old Bulldogs should be consuming about 3.125 to 3 cups of food every day. Owners should pay attention to the weight and body size of their pooches during this time. Dogs on the heavy or lightweight ends of the spectrum should have their diets adjusted. 

By the time an English Bulldog puppy is nine months old, its food should again be decreased. Feed nine-month-old Bulldog puppies around 2.75 cups of food every day. 

Feeding A Ten To Twelve-Month-Old Bulldog

Around 10 to 12 months old is the time in which many puppies eat the most food during their lifetimes, but this is not the case for English Bulldogs. 

These dogs reached their eating peaks way back when they were five months old, so at this point, they’ll be eating much less food. 

Ten to twelve-month-old English Bullies hardly look like the puppy that you brought home when they were 2 months old. Now, your precious pooch will look like an adult dog. 

This means that they should be eating like adults. Feed your ten-month-old English Bulldog pup around 2.5 cups of food every day. As they approach twelve months old, continue to decrease their food. 

Twelve-month-old Bullies should eat around 2.25 to 2.6 cups of food daily

Transitioning From Puppy To Adult Dog Food

At one year old, your English Bulldog puppy is now considered to be an adult pooch. This may be hard for you to believe that your furry friend is all grown up, but you can now consider your canine companion to be an adult.  

Since your puppy is now an adult and no longer a juvenile, that means it’s time to switch your dog from puppy food to adult dog food. So, what does adult dog food have that puppy food does not?

The two foods tend to have similar ingredients, but adult food usually has more protein and fats while possessing fewer calories. These ingredients are better suited to look after the nutritional needs of an adult dog. 

Adult food may be dry dog food, wet food, or other types of food. Again, you can feel confident with feeding your dog wet food, dry food, or raw food. Each type of dog food has pros and cons, and none are inherently better than the other options.

How Much To Feed An Adult Bulldog

How Much To Feed An Adult English Bulldog

Now that your English Bulldog is a mature pooch, you’re probably wondering how much food to provide your adult Bulldog. 

Given that adult dogs are no longer growing, they do not need to consume nearly as much food as puppies. However, adult English Bulldogs still consume a considerable amount of food. 

Plan to feed an adult English Bulldog anywhere from 2 to 2.6 cups of food every day. The exact amount of food that you should feed your English Bully will depend on its size, sex, and activity levels. 

Small adult Bulldogs will only need to eat 2 cups of food every day, while large adults should be eating closer to 2.6 cups of food.

Since adult Bulldogs are no longer growing, they may be prone to gaining weight. To maintain a healthy size, be sure that you’re monitoring their weight and adjusting their diet and exercise accordingly. 

Though 2 to 2.6 cups of food will be plenty for most adult Bulldogs, there are some exceptions. 

Pregnant or Lactating Bulldogs

Pregnant or lactating English Bulldog mothers need to consume an enormous amount of calories every day to ensure that they and their puppies are getting enough nourishment. 

The energy required to simply move around while carrying their developing pups is immense. Once mothers have their litter of pups, they will have to continue eating large quantities of food as they produce their mother’s milk to nourish their young. 

Pregnant or lactating Bulldog mothers should eat well over 3 cups of food every day. Around 3.5 to 4 cups of food will be adequate for most mother Bulldogs

If it seems as though your mother Bulldog is still hungry after eating her daily food quota, be sure that you offer additional food to her. This is a time in which owners should not be concerned with the amount of food that their English Bulldog eats. 

Especially Active Bulldogs

Pet lovers who own especially active Bulldogs will need to offer these dogs more food than a typical adult English Bulldog would consume. 

Bulldogs are not known as an activity or athletic breed of dog, so plenty of active dogs will need to be offered enough food to meet their energy requirements. 

Providing anywhere from 2.75 to 3.5 cups of food every day should satisfy your English Bulldog’s hunger.

Transitioning An Adult Bulldog To A Senior Dog Diet

An English Bulldog that is seven or older is considered to be a senior for this dog breed. The point in which your dog is no longer an adult but instead a senior marks another time in which you will need to switch up your dog’s diet.

There are plenty of dry dog food options for senior dogs that are available in pet stores, but you may instead prefer to feed your dog wet food that is easier for them to chew than dry food. Ultimately, senior English Bulldogs will be perfectly content with wet food, dry food, or another option.

No matter what food you select, it will be slightly different than adult dog foods in that it will prioritize healthy fats and proteins to maintain immune system health. Moreover, a senior dog food will have less of an emphasis on caloric intake.

How Much To Feed A Senior Bulldog

How Much To Feed A Senior Bulldog

English Bulldogs in their golden years do not need to eat as much as they did when they were adults. Being fed an amount of food over two cups every day would probably be too much food for your senior pooch.

Instead, owners should aim to provide their seniors with anywhere between 1.5 to 2 cups of food every day. Your senior dog’s size and activity will dictate exactly how much food it needs to consume, but the recommendations that we have laid out in this article should provide your pooch with plenty of food.

If you are unsure of how many calories your senior dog needs or what type of food to provide your Bulldog, you can consult with your veterinarian.

Can I Free Feed My Bulldog?

Many Bulldog owners wish to know if they can use free feeding to ensure that their Bulldog receives enough food. Free feeding is a practice in which a dog’s food bowl is constantly filled with food.

This method will ensure that a dog gets plenty to eat, and it eliminates an owner’s need to establish a feeding schedule for their Bulldog. However, free-feeding a dog can have detrimental effects on a dog’s weight.

Unsurprisingly, having an unlimited amount of food at its disposal can lead to unhealthy weight gain for your furry friend. Owners searching for a simple way to go about English Bulldog feeding will find this method attractive, but free feeding makes it difficult for a Bulldog to maintain a healthy weight.

How Often Should I Feed My Bulldog?

Now that you know how much an English Bulldog should be eating based on its age, you are doubtlessly wondering about how many meals your Bulldog should consume every day.

The amount of times a Bulldog will need to eat every day is directly correlated to the age of a dog, with young dogs requiring more food than adults.

Bulldogs aged two to five months should eat high-protein puppy food at least three times every day, with some puppies consuming four daily meals. You may find that feeding a morning, late-morning, mid-afternoon, and evening meal is a great feeding schedule for you and your English Bulldog puppy.

Bulldogs that are six to twelve months old do not need to eat quite as frequently as they did when they were younger since their metabolisms have slowed since that age. Still, Bulldogs at this age should be eating at least two meals every day. Some English Bulldogs at this age may prefer to eat three meals daily.

Adult Bulldogs need to eat even less frequently than puppies since they are finished growing. Some dogs may continue eating two meals every day, while others will be content with a single meal.

Senior Bulldogs should be on a feeding schedule similar to that of adults. Being fed high-quality protein food once or twice a day will be ideal for these dogs.

Here is a Bulldog feeding chart in listicle form for your reference:

  • Two To Five-Month-Old Bulldogs: Three to four meals daily
  • Six To Twelve-Month-Old Bulldogs: Two to three meals daily
  • Adult Bulldogs: One to two meals daily
  • Senior Bulldogs: One to two meals daily

Feeding An Overweight Bulldog

Bulldogs are naturally pudgy dogs, but there may come a time when it is obvious that your furry friend could stand to lose some weight. Being overweight is unhealthy for a dog, as it compromises a dog’s immune system and can lead to a range of health issues.

So, how many cups of food should an overweight English Bulldog be eating every day? Well, the optimal English Bulldog feeding amounts for an overweight dog will depend on your dog’s size and activity levels.

First, be sure that you are not overfeeding your dog. Refer to our recommendations in this article to discover the perfect amount of food for your Bulldog. If your dog is eating more food than recommended, reduce how many cups of food it is fed every day.

If you are feeding your Bulldog a good amount of dog food, consider the other foods that it ingests. Owners may need to cut back on the dog treats and dog biscuits or cut off a dog’s access to human foods. It is certainly not wise to feed English Bulldogs human foods like raw bread dough and most other human foods, as this can lead to health issues.

If your Bulldog is eating a good amount and not consuming too many treats, perhaps they simply need to receive more exercise. Dog obesity is a serious issue.

What Is Food Aggression In Bulldogs?

Food aggression is a behavior in which a dog becomes hostile while in the presence of food. They may threaten other animals or humans if anyone approaches them while they’re eating.

This behavior is dangerous for both a Bulldog and a human. If your dog seems aggressive while presented with food, you should work to correct the behavior.

I’m Still Not Sure About How Much To Feed My Bulldog

If you’ve read through this article and you’re still not sure about how many cups of food to feed your Bulldog, you can do several things to find more information.

Consult A Veterinarian

Talking to a trusted veterinarian will reveal a wealth of information about English Bulldog puppy feeding for new pet owners. A vet may have recommendations about dry food options or food alternatives for your dog, and they will also describe how many calories your Bully should consume based on its size.

You can always search for answers online, but a vet is able to physically evaluate your pooch to determine the perfect amount of food for English Bulldog puppies and adult English Bulldogs alike.

Find An English Bulldog Feeding Chart

Whether you’re consulting a Bulldog puppy feeding chart or adult Bulldog feeding chart, an English Bulldog feeding chart is a terrific way for dog owners to know how many cups of food to provide to their furry friends.

English Bulldogs eat an assortment of different food amounts based on age, but an English Bulldog feeding chart will provide accurate estimates of the amount of food that would be optimal for your pooch.

A Bulldog puppy feeding chart or adult feeding chart may also feature a certain take on the best dog foods for a Bulldog. An English Bulldog feeding chart may also assess the pros and cons of dry food, wet food, or other kinds of dog food.

An adult or puppy feeding chart is an easily-accessible way to quickly find the information that you seek.